Carolyn's Magic Garden concert

What a great time I had playing the final show of the season at Carolyn's Magic Garden on Sept. 12th!! Carolyn is one of my favorite people, and playing her concert series is always the highlight of my musical year.
This year I was joined by Kristin Erickson (Seattle) and Keith Taylor, a local guitar virtuoso and the current Utah State Finger Style guitar champion. They started the night off with beautiful songs, most written by Kristin. The packed audience loved it. I got to finish out the evening with a 90 minute mix of originals and covers, including a fun song I wrote last Spring called "Old Guy" and a brand new love song ... so new I haven't even gotten around to thinking about a title. I had an amazing time, and the audience really got me pumped up!
After the show, some people stayed around hoping for more, so I pulled my guitar back out and sat around the fire pit playing sans mic or amp for another half hour or so. I love intimate times like those.

Next up: I'll be playing at Feldman's Deli this next weekend, always a fun venue, and then heading back to my home town of Virginia Beach, Va. for a 10 day vacation. I'm pretty sure my cats will be stressed and agitated by the time I return. And I bet they will find a way to let me know it. We'll worry about that after I'm back!

Cheers for now. :)

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