Facebook music page

Well, I finally got around to creating a Facebook music page! I'm not sure everything is right yet, but it's started, so that's progress. Just in time for 2 gigs this week, too. Wednesday I decided to get out and start marketing myself to new venues. I visited about 10 places and had some pretty good results. While 2 or 3 places were no longer doing live music, I got 2 gigs lined up this week. Thursday I'm playing at the Bleu Bistro, and Saturday at Caputo's Deli. YAY! I'm excited to break into some new locations. I've been told I will also be playing at the Wild Grape Bistro soon. And there are 2 more locations that sound like they are pretty interested.

I have another 10 locations in SLC to visit, and 20 in the Park City/Heber/Midway vicinity. So I'm hopeful that I can get enough gigs lined up to avoid the dreaded, mind numbing type of work that I used to do. Fingers crossed!

Hope you all had a great Halloween. I did! But that's another story...

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